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Luxury merch from 3D

We are delivering a unique luxury solution for custom merchandise to showcase your artpiece.
The merchandise is custom designed 3D or 2D object that will be printed on a 3D printer in high quality Filament with either Stone or Metal filling.
The merchandise will then be Electroplated with a method allowing us to deliver either Silver, 18crt gold or 24crt goldplating.

We will also further be refining your product with custom diamond or stone ornaments, Laserprinted showcase for your item or just a plain coated holder.

What we do

3D Printing & Plating

Blueprint your Design

Buy a blueprint for your project.We will work with you to design a productline that can be ordered to a Discounted price - or even prepaid Free claimable for your holders.

Select material

We will be able to use several kinds of printing teqnuices, coatings and material for the core.The advanced electroplating will include Silver or Gold materials.All items will be plated by hand.

Tokengated webshop

We will allow you to tokengate the shop so we will handle all orders and will customize it to your design and clients expectation.We will allow your clients to pay by both Paypal and Crypto payments by Elegro

We have a wide library of merch

choose us

Luxury Merch

We provide a luxury feel of the merchandise delivered, all from the contact to the client to the delivery and packaging.

01. Project prototyping in 3D
02.Exclusive Electroplating
what we offer

Tokengated Web3 Merch

We offer a great solution to provide your project with custom made Electroplated 3D prints. It is a method that allow us to Goldplate almost any 3D printed object.
We will then create a luxury presentation for your mech and sell it trough our tokengated webshop.

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